Financial Quick Tip! Rent DVDs The Cheap Way

20 Oct

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I was gone for so long. I had some personal matters that needed my attention. Now I am back in the game and ready to share some of my tips with you, dear readers.

I did discover the joys of Netflix until this past spring. I still think Netflix and Hulu are great services, but they are no longer serving my needs.  However, I still need my TV show fix!

Well, your library card just got more valuable.

Did you know that you can rent DVDs, even from different libraries?  

Of course, an older TV show is a better bet for finding them, but it beats paying $10 per month and running out of interesting options.

I know one reader mentioned how to save money on student loans.This is definitely one way to divert more cash for those educational bills. 

I am currently watch two TV shows, and it is great to know they are free.

What are your favorite TV shows?


My Apologies!

24 Sep

Hello everyone!

This week has been particularly busy, and I want to thank everyone for visiting the site even though I have not posted something yet.

It’s coming very soon.

Thanks everyone!

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10 Sep



Dear Readers,

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Back at College? Here Comes The Hard Part

31 Aug


It’s been a while since my last post. The end of summer is hectic with my sister moving back in and other activities. So, here comes the hard part for those new to the college apartment scene. It may be easy right now, but there are so many issues that can happen with college apartments. I have outlined some of them below so you can avoid these mistakes.


Problem #1 You all have the same lease for your apartment. Sounds great, but your friend decides to bail out. You might be stuck with some extra rent. What to do?

This is very scary. My old apartment had separate leases which is great for avoiding this problem.  If you are not so lucky, talk it out with your roommates to devise a plan before it possibly happens. I suggest going to your leasing office and also discussing it as well. Since I am not a financial expert and cannot give legal or other advice, prepare yourself before this possibly happens to you.

If you are aware of it, then you can prepare for it.


Problem # 2  Help! My rent is paid, but I have about 10 dollars in the bank. What do I do until my next paycheck? 

Been there, done that.  You can view my earlier post on this issue.

I suggest, even if you do not need it, to find the local food bank in your area. If you work as many hours as possible and still cannot pull through, they can provide basics to live on.  Trust me, it is better than living off ramen or something like that.


Problem #3  The dishes. The dishes. THE DISHES. 

Dishes can be a big problem when it comes to college students.  The flexible schedules and weird hours makes cooking difficult. Add in procrastination and it’s equals dishes left in the sink.

Talk it out with your roommates. If you decide to wash your own dishes after you cook, then stick to the plan. Of course, a little wiggle room is to be expected, but roommates should not be your own maid. Plus, the place will be much nicer without those plates in the sink.


Which problem is worst for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Summer Is Nearly Over and Announcement

17 Aug
A summer sunset

Image by MALIZ ONG

Hello everyone!

Summer is winding to a close.  This is a really busy time, so I will be back in two weeks. I will be posting some mini posts until those weeks are over.



Back to School: How To Manage It

4 Aug


A white and black ruler.

Image by George Hodan

Hello everyone!

The time has come. Back to school for all students is upon us. Even though I am no longer in school, I know plenty of people who still need school supplies. Thanks to my frugal nature, I have compiled a list of tips on how to save money for the new school year.


1. Do you already have it?

I think everyone has a tendency to buy all new school supplies. However, look around your home or grab your desk stuff from college before getting new items. This can save you big money on simple supplies such as pens and pencils. College students especially need this advice. If you already have it, you can probably skip buying it.


2. Are some supplies damaged? Buy new, quality items.

So you have gone through all of your old supplies. If something is badly damaged, buy something new that is durable. I know some students will be fine with the very cheap folders. If you can, go for something that will last a few years.


3.  College students – be careful of the massive college checklists.

When I first went to college, I didn’t use these lists. But I might as well, because I had too many items for my dorm. In college, having less is more than enough for furniture and other items. If you are in a dorm, this will make it easier to move in and out. If you’re in an apartment, you can include a few more items. Just don’t go overboard, because it can be very annoying to clean around extra items.


4.  College students – the book question.

If you are in high school, consider yourself lucky that books are provided. College students, your major will depend heavily on how much you spend for books.  If you are into humanities, check out the library first for books.  Science and math majors, you can also try this, but it may not be as effective. Some schools even put books on  loan for students to check out for a couple of hours in one day. Use these resources before the tests and take massive notes.  Creativity and book buying are very important. Check out local, independent bookstores either online or in your city.


5.  Get something special for yourself.

Do you love wall decals for walls? Get it.  Do you want the pretty folder for your first day of high school? Get it.  If you get a couple of great items that you love, saving money in other areas is well worth it.


What do you think? Let me know!

– Natasha

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Going Out? Look For Deals First!

26 Jul


A colorful ticket booth

Image by Jenny Porter

Hello everyone!

Are you going out this weekend? Follow my tips on how to save some money while still enjoying a fun night out.

1. Are You Going  To The Movies?

Movie prices are extremely, extremely pricey.  My favorite tip to save at the movies is just not spending money on the concessions. You can also save money by heading in different times than the evening to see a movie.  Movies are a treat for me, so this is definitely a tricky way to save.

2. Are You Going Out To Eat?

This one is pretty much my speciality. Ordering water instead of pop or coffee is definitely a great way to save a little extra cash. You can also order appetizers, but this doesn’t work as well for casual restaurants.  You can sign up for rewards (my favorite place is Bruegger’s Bagels) and use it to save money.  If you want to eat right, check out their menu before eating out.

3. Do You Want A Cheap Alternative?

Of course, you could look for a park and have a picnic. Parks are great for frugal people because they can be free to use for picnics and gatherings.

What do you think? Let me know!